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Afyse: advice for Belgians in Spain

It does not matter whether you want to set up a business in Spain, you already have set up such business or you have retired : Afyse - Baker Tilly Belgium is the bridge between your questions and the right solution, both in Spain and in Belgium.

It is important to get some things cleared out, as from the moment of purchase : on a private basis, or on a corporate basis ? What are the things that I need to focus on ? Will I be paying taxes in 2 countries ? What if I also rent out my second residence ? Can I enter interest charges for taxation purposes ? And what about the tax return ? ... What are the consequences if I become a resident in Spain ? Is it true that I will pay less or no taxes at all in that case ? Will my pension be taxed here in Spain or also in Belgium ? Can I establish myself here, even before I have reached the official retirement age ? How will my group insurance be taxed ? Can I set up a business just like that ? Does it involve a lot of formalities ? Isn’t it better for me to set up a fixed establishment with my Belgian company, or should I prefer a Spanish company ? Is it interesting for my Belgian company to make some investments ? How does corporation tax work then ? Which are the practical and organisational aspects of asset management and estate planning ? Will my heirs pay both in Spain and in Belgium ? Is usufruct a good solution ?

All of these matters (and many more) had better be known and settled in advance.

For any questions regarding (international) fiscal matters or succession, Afyse - Baker Tilly Belgium, based upon our extensive multi-disciplinary team, our international network and our own office in Spain, can be your ideal partner.

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