Baker Tilly

Bookkeeping & accounting

Your figures in balance, your company in balance

Baker Tilly Belgium provides accounting and fiscal support.
Proper bookkeeping is more than a legal obligation. It is indispensable, because it provides a realistic view of the financial situation of your company. A well-kept administration provides you with valuable information on and insight into your company. Without accurate bookkeeping a well-founded company management is impossible.

Full service

Your company management is supported from the point of view of accounting, taxation and legal aspects, including the necessary reporting. We do all the VAT and tax returns and advise you on tax matters. We will guide you through tax inspections as well.

For whom?

We guide companies, one-man businesses and liberal professionals through the start-up phase and subsequent growth. Also non-profit organizations and Foundations can appeal to our services.

A wide range of services

  • Start-up and guidance of companies, one-man businesses and liberal professionals
  • Support of the company management from an accounting and legal point of view
  • Preparation and optimization of all tax and VAT returns
  • Guidance through tax inspections and advice on tax matters
  • Optimization of cost price calculation, accounting and analytical systems
  • Guidance through reorganizations
  • All kinds of special legal assignments
  • Experts’ reports ordered by the court

Our trump cards

  • More specialists than supporting staff
  • Experience and knowledge
  • A relationship based on trust
  • Multidisciplinary teams of specialists
  • Proactive involvement from start to finish
  • Independence
  • International network

More about our trump cards

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